We have a bunch of new releases and 2024 is truly TellusTalk’s Golden Year.

This year you will be able to send different types of messages GDPR-compliant. Many companies and organizations do not want their data to leave its country of origin. TellusTalk has solved that problem.

You will also be able to work online in a completely new way, with the same feeling as when sitting in an office, with, among other things, the possibility of sending secure signing invitations.

In our new signing solution, you can invite recipients to both simple and advanced signatures on your agreements with lots of new, smart solutions for everyone involved.

TellusTalk’s services are based on the concept of you and your mailings being protected and safe. It also means that you choose what you want to show, and what not to show. That’s GDPR!

New releases for 2024

Authorization systemNot only security for you when you send messages but also when you are a TellusTalk user.

Sign AppBringing you tons of smart e-signature features and solutions. Send simple and advanced signatures online.

Revolutionary new platformA completely bullet proof solution for encryption, which gives you optimal protection and no more subcontractors on American-owned cloud services.

The Digital Office – A brand new service for the online office that is perfect if you work remotely. Gives you the same team spirit and feel as the “real” office.

But before we unleash all the new services and functions on the market, we thought we’d take the opportunity to take some Christmas leave.

So for us, our customers and readers, the best part of Christmas happens when it’s over and with that we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!