Send and receive fax digitally with your computer

Send Fax

You can easily send faxes with your Email, a Web Gateway or API. No more hardware, maintenance or toner. Save the environment!

Receive Fax

If you also need to be able to receive faxes, you can rent a fax number from us and receive fax as PDF to your email or via API. If you already have a fax number you can simply forward it to us.


Cover page

Automatic and intelligent cover pages will adjust the settings depending on destination. Add your logo if you wish.

SMS notification

Add a SMS notification for your incoming messages and get an instant SMS when you have something in your inbox. Choose Link-SMS for more notification functionality.


Delivery report

Delivery report functionality is always included. Reports are sent to you using a communication channel of your choosing with the settings you prefer.

Real time logs

The logs are in real time for all transaction types. They are available on the web interface or via API.

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Use one or a combination of our communication channels to access our services!

Web gateway

It’s the easiest way to access the full functionality of the TellusTalk messaging platform. You can design and store your messages, bulk sendings and target groups on the web. Available everywhere, anytime.


Perfect for your mobile or tablet, only the bare essentials to send and receive messages.


Use your email when sending and receiving messages. Works instantly with any email client, both local and web. Delivery reports can be sent back to your email.


Connect your systems and applications. TellusTalk supports a wide range of API’s including REST, XML, JSON and HTTP. And….Yes, we will support your integration project. All the way.

Possibly the best collection of support and services there is…


24/7 support is always included. English and Swedish speaking.


Be sure to reach your target audience wherever they may be. We have complete global coverage on all communication channels.

Delivery performance

Automatic routing and resending will ensure that your messages are delivered without any effort from you.