Internal Billing

Internal billing is an additional service that gives the administrator opportunity to debit the costs in the company. In order to do this an organizational chart must be made. 

Billing documents can be taken out monthly or over longer periods. The document is generated as an Excel-sheet.

An administrator can not activate the service internal billing. Get in touch with us to get help.

All numbers are based on billed prices and quantity, the document can be processed if you want other prices internally.

The tabs in the document

interndebitering flikar
Fixed costs that are common to the account, such as domain fees that are distributed among the groups based on the share of the total cost.
Summary, partly a summary of the total cost for the period, partly a summary per group. At the top are the costs that could not be attributed to a group.
Detailed Info, here both the summary of the total cost and a detailed specification per group can be found. At the far right is the price list used, here you can change prices.
Price changes are made if you for example want to charge differently per user internally or distribute the domain fees. The price list is linked to all tabs and changes here affects the summary in the entire document.
Data. Here raw data is shown that could be useful if you want to load the numbers into a system, or if you want to process the data yourself in another way.
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