If the account have many users (for example in different departments), it could be practical to organize them in an organizational chart. An organizational chart is also required in order to use the service Internal billing.

Create organizational chart

When you now have entered the organization view, click the company name in order to create sub units. Write the name in the correct field, and if you also are going to use the Internal billing module, it’s possible to use your own billing code. The code follows the department and its traffic when you download a billing Excel sheet.

Your different departments is then shown in the view Users, where it’s possible to create new users in the different departments and also move users around departments.

Create sub unit

Sub unit

If you want to create a new sub unit, edit an existing sub unit or remove a sub unit. Click the respective sub units blue menu arrow.


Create sub unit

It’s possible to create a sub unit to another sub unit if needed. It works the same way as creating a new sub unit under the root. Open the menu for the department and make your adjustments. Click Save when you are done.

sub unit
Edit sub unit

If you need to edit a sub unit, you open the menu for the right department and make your changes. You can change name and billing code. Click Save when you are done.

edit sub unit
Delete sub unit

In order to delete a sub unit, you select the name and use your keyboards delete button. Then click Save in the dialog box, at the time nothing seems to be happening, but it is being deleted.

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