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Here you get help to get started sending Fax from your email. To send a fax is as easy as to send an email. You can send to any fax-machine in the world. When you send a fax, a cover page is automatically created with your personal information. The appearance of the cover page is decided by yourselves. Within a couple of minutes you will receive a receipt with the result of the fax transmission. No installation is needed.

Easy to send to one or many

Enter the recipient’s fax number in the “To-field” and end it with Just like when you send regular emails, it is easy to add more recipients. Type your message, click send and the recipients will get your message in a couple of minutes!

If you frequently fax the same person, you can save them among your regular email-contacts, they work as usual email addresses.

send fax via mail
Send to many with broadcast

If you have many recipients, it may be easier to add their number directly in the email, then you address the mail to and after the message you enter the code word DistriButionList (spelled exactly that way) followed by the recipients numbers.

If you enter a semicolon (;) after the number, you can also add the recipient’s name.The name is then visible in your logs and it may be easier to follow up if any message can’t be delivered.

Send with broadcast
Send to an address book

If you have saved an address book in the Toolbox on the web, it is easy to send to the address book directly from your email, you don’t need to log in to the web every time. Simply enter the address books unique email address in the “To-field” and send your message as usual. 

The address books unique email address can be found under Resources in the Toolbox, where you also can view who is registered as a writer and has the authority to send to the address book members. If it is your address book, you’re usually also a writer. 

Keep in mind that the address book has its own settings for the appearance of the message when it is sent to the recipient.

Type your message as usual and attach optional documents if desired. 

Document format

It is best to send PDFs in grayscale since faxes don’t handle colors. 

You should have an extra thought before sending xls-files, functions and graphs can cause trouble. Rather convert it to PDF before sending it. 

send to address book

Receive faxes to your email – Rent a fax number from us

We can provide local numbers in most countries and received faxes is sent as a PDF in an email to one or several email addresses. Contact us to rent a number

You don’t have to change numbers. Many of our customers decides to keep their own fax numbers and forward them to a number they are renting from us.

Cover page
The handling of cover pages should be simple. Right from the beginning you have functioning cover pages which is created automatically for each fax. You can adjust the settings for the cover page by logging in to the Toolbox and go to Settings and thereafter to Fax Settings.

Fax settings

Fax receipt

If you want a delivery receipt via email for your sent faxes, you can log in to the Toolbox, click on Settings and then Fax Settings.


Fax settings

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