Send Link-SMS from the email

Here you get help to get started with sending Link-SMS from your email.

Link-SMS is as stable as regular SMS and can be sent to recipients all over the world. Link-SMS has more functions and areas of use as well as it is simpler and cheaper than MMS.

The recipient can read your SMS at once. The link can be opened in the mobile and on the computer.
As a customer of TellusTalk, you also have access to a Toolbox on the web where you can send out messages. No installation required.

Add recipients

Enter recipients in the “To-field” ( as if you were sending a regular SMS, it is fine to send to many at the same time.
You only need to enter the country code in the mobile number if you send to numbers that are not Swedish or depending on your account’s settings.




link sms to-field
Type your Link-SMS

When sending Link-SMS via your email, unlike the toolbox, it’s not possible to customize the text in the SMS.
Here we will show 140 characters of your message in the SMS, and all text will be displayed again when the recipient has clicked on the link.

Attach pictures, films, audio files or documents that you want the recipient to download or view.

link sms via email

The recipient receives an SMS with an automatically created link, when they click on the link they can read your message and see attached files.

  Link-SMS message                                 link-SMS

How many characters is displayed in my Link-SMS?

When you send a Link-SMS, 1 SMS is set to send by default. This means that approximately the first 140 characters is shown in the SMS itself. The rest of the text is displayed once the recipient clicks the link. It’s possible to increase the amount of parts to be sent. That means that a bigger part of the text you send is shown directly in the SMS. Up to 8 parts can be displayed, just like when you send regular SMS.


Send test

Before you send a message you could send a test to yourself to make sure it looks ok and also see how many SMS parts it will be. This could be important if you are sending a message to many recipients.

If you are adding recipients in the To-field

Start by adding yourself in the To-field and compose and send until you are happy with your message. Go to the Sent Messages fold to use a good one as a template for the next.
Contact us if you need help to check how many SMS parts your message will be divided into.

If you are sending to recipients from your Address Book Ikon adressbok

When choosing recipients from your address book, the address book settings will be applied to your message. You will have to add yourself to the address book first, add a label "Test" to make it easier sending the test only to you.
Add test recipient

In the To-field you click Ikon adressbok and filter yourself by checking the Test box. Click Save Selection and close the window.Select test recipient

Test i Till-fältetNow this message will have the same settings as do the address book. Compose and send your test message until you are happy with it. Go to the Sent Messages fold to use a good one as a template for the next. Contact us if you need help to check how many SMS parts your message will be divided into.

When your test looks good you can finally filter and add the other members of your address book.

When is Link-SMS sent?

There are different occasions when Link-SMS is sent, instead of a regular SMS

By default, we automatically convert an SMS to a Link-SMS if there is a file attached to the message, regardless of whether you send from the Toolbox or your email. Embedded attachments, such as the logo in your email signature, are not considered attachments, so we filter these out and your message is sent as a regular SMS. A file that is dragged from the desktop to the email you are about to send is usually embedded and does not count as an attachment.

If you also want embedded files to be included and converted to Link-SMS, contact us and we will arrange it.

If you want all SMS you send to be converted to Link-SMS automatically, contact us and we will fix it.

If you want your SMS to never be converted to Link-SMS, we will of course solve it as well.

Link-SMS is always used when you send an SMS that is protected with a login as well as invitation to electronic signing via SMS.

Interactive reply function
Once the recipient has opened the link, the recipient can reply to your message directly to your email regardless of what type of sender you have on your SMS. If necessary, the recipient can attach a file in the reply to you. If the recipient has opened the message on their mobile phone, they can choose to take a picture with their mobile camera, record a movie clip or audio file or attach an existing file and then send it to you.
It’s also possible to reply with your position (geo-positioning that uses the mobiles GPS function), the map is shown in the log for the user that can be reached via the Toolbox.
Reply to sender link-sms
Traceable links

When you send out emails and SMS that have been sent as protected, emails and SMS with a signing invitation as well as Link-SMS, our system automatically adds a link in the message before we send it to the recipient. The link is unique to each recipient and automatically traceable so that we log in when the link is opened. This means that you can clearly see in the logs in the Toolbox when the recipient has clicked on the link.

toolbox logs

Row number 2 is the message, you see that it is delivered through the symbolBild - grön bock - lev and row number 1, the symbolBild - grönt öga is when the recipient has clicked on the link



The recipient can choose to reply and also indicate their position in their message.

respond to sender

The answer will be sent back to you with your original message:

svar länk-sms

The logs have then been given another row with the symbolBild - grönt öga and the answer has been sent back to you, as row 1 in the example. This is how the entire message chain looks in the logs.


Row 3. Sending
Row 2. Clicked on the link
Row 1. Reply received

Place the link yourself

By default, the link will automatically end up at the bottom of the SMS.

If you want to place it elsewhere, in the SMS-part you type the code word –LINK_SMS– where you want the link to end up. This also works if you send via API.


Areas of use

Send invitations to events.
Order confirmations via SMS.
Let your customers take advantage of promotions and offers.
Recipients can respond with text, location (GPS) and pictures directly from the mobile camera.
Interact with your recipients using the simple reply feature.
Send business cards with regular SMS.
Visitor registration at the reception – take a picture of the visitor and send it together with the visitor notification via SMS.
Message in voicemail? Send with the audio file when the message notification goes out as an SMS.
Attach reports generated by your alarm systems, making it easier for technicians who can directly view the attachment in their mobile phone.

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