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How nice that you have become a user of TellusTalk’s services.

In our help center we have collected information on how to get started and use all our services in a simple way.

TellusTalk has a FAQ that answers many questions you might have in the beginning, as well as video tutorials for those of you who like to watch videos to learn.

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Feel free to also follow TellusTalk on the blog, where we write about the services and areas of use. Perhaps you will find a new way or get tips on how you can communicate digitally with your customers.

If you are an administrator on your TellusTalk account, you can read more about the admin view here.

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Log in for the first time as a new user

At the top right of our website you will find the login. Select Toolbox if you want to access your personal settings or send, select Administrator if you want to go directly to the administrator view. If you don’t already have a password, you can click Forgot Password and follow the instructions to get a reset link to your email.

You must first enter a temporary password, this will prevent the recovery link from being used by others. The password can be a simple number to remember.

When you click on the reset link, you must first enter the temporary password before entering your new password that you want to change to.

Check out the TellusTalk blog and read more about the services and news!