Welcome to TellusTalk!

This is a collection of information to get you started.

As User of TellusTalks services, you can send SMS, invitations for e-signing, SMS and email protected with a login, Link-SMS, Text to Speech and MMS. You can also add the fax service if you want to be able to digitally send and receive faxes.

You can send your messages using your own email, our online Toolbox or API.

Log in for the first time – if you don´t already have been given a password, you can click Login and Toolbox in the top menu. Click Forgot password? and follow the instructions:
You must first set a temporary password, this is to prevent anyone else to use your password reset link. The temporary password can be something simple like a short number that is easy to remember. When you get the password reset link in your email, you must put your temporary password in the first box, and then choose and type your new password in the next two boxes.

In the main menu  under Help you can navigate to the subject you want to know more about.

In your Toolbox you can make changes to your personal settings. You can for example choose to give the recipient of your SMS the possibility to reply or not.

In the menu you will also find frequently asked questions and some video tutorials.

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