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Send Fax from the Toolbox

You can send to any fax number worldwide. When you send a fax, a cover page is automatically created with your personal details, you can change the appearance of the cover page in settings. Once you have sent your fax, you will receive an email receipt with the result of the fax transmission.
When you log in to the toolbox, you will be taken directly to the Send view and can start faxing.

Enter the recipient in the To field, type the fax:number (fax:+46856791100) and then Enter.
You can send to many fax recipients at the same time.
As you type, you will receive suggestions for recipients that you have saved in your address book or sent to previously.

Write your message as usual and attach optional documents if you wish.

When you click Send, your fax is on its way to the recipient.


Format of attached documents

Since faxes do not handle color, it works best to send PDFs in grayscale.
Before sending xls files, you might want to think twice, functions and graphs can mess things up. It is better to convert to PDF before sending.
Add more recipients

Copy-paste from Excel
​​, ​​If you have many recipients in an xls file, you can copy the entire column with numbers/addresses and paste in the To-field.
If you want to include the names of the recipients, the names must be in the right column of the xls file, copy and paste both columns at the same time.

Add from address book

To search for recipients from your address book, click on the Address book iconto the right of the To-field

Select recipient with the label Test

You automatically get the contents of your address book and you can see the labels that you can choose from, you can also search in the value fields if you have imported some.
Modify your search until you are satisfied, you will always see the search result at the bottom left, then click Save Selection.
If you want to add more recipients with other criteria, click on New selection and add them.
At the far right of the To-field you will see your added search, click it to review or to change it.

Selection in the To-field

Send now or save

When you're satisfied with your message, you can choose to either send immediately, schedule it, save as a draft or as a template.
If you want to send it now, click Send and your fax is on its way.

Select Send

Schedule - If you don't want to send your message right away, you can schedule it. You can learn more about scheduling further down this page.

Draft - If you´re not ready to send your message, you can save it as a draft and finish it later. Learn more about drafts below.

Template -If you send the same type of message often, you can save it as a template that you can reuse easely. Learn more about templates further down this page.

Receive fax to email

To receive faxes to your email, you can rent a virtual fax number from us. We provide local numbers in most countries which then deliver received faxes to an email address of your choice.

Incoming faxes arrive as an email with the fax as an attached PDF.

Forward your fax number to the email. If you already have a fax number, you can choose to keep it and forward it to the number you rent from us to receive your incoming faxes to the mail.

Contact us to rent a number.

What is behind the tabs in the Send view?

The tabs in the Send view of the Toolbox

Save as draft
If you don't want to send your message at once or if you want to edit it later, you can save it as a draft.
Select Draft at the bottom right and click "Save".
You will find your saved messages under the Drafts tab
Click on the Icon V-shaped arrow down to open the draft and edit further or send it directly.
Schedule your messages

If you don't want to send your message right away, you can choose to schedule it. Select schedule in the Toolbox

Enter the date and time you want to send your message and click Save.

By default, repetition is not turned on when you choose to schedule. Click to activate repetition of your message.

You can now choose how often (every, every second...) and interval (week/month) your message should be repeated. . As well as which days of the week the message should be sent. And enter an end date, close the window when done.

If you for example wish to repeat a message on the 1st of every month, select the start date in the field before repeat and then select every month under repeat. Note that this will be accurate on the date regardless of the day of the week.

You will find all your scheduled messages under the Scheduled tab.

Save as Template
A message that you use often can be saved as a template, you can then reuse it for future mailings.
Select template at the bottom right and pick and enter a name and click save. In the Templates tab you will find all your templates.
Select save as template in the Toolbox
Sent messages.
Here you will find the messages sent from the Toolbox.
Click on the Icon V-shaped arrow down to see more details and to access the following options:
Icon copy Create a new message using this message as a template
Icon signature Manage signatures. Here you can see who has signed, add additional recipients and download signed files.
Icon for the logs Check the logs for just this dispatch.
Delete icon Delete the mailing from the Sent tab. All the details remain in the logs in case you need them later.