Send Link-SMS from the Toolbox

Here you will get help on how to send Link-SMS from your Toolbox.
As a customer of TellusTalk, you have access to a Toolbox on the webpage where you can do your mailing. No installation required.

Link-SMS is just as reliable as normal text messages and can be sent to recipients all over the world. Link-SMS has more functionality and they are cheaper than MMS.

The recipient can read your message right away as the link can be opened with your phone or a computer web browser.
Add recipients
Enter the recipient in the “To-field”. Sending to multiple recipients at the same time is possible, including a mix between phone numbers and email addresses. As you type, the system provides suggestions for recipients based on what you have saved in your address book or were sent previously. Country code is only mandatory when sending outside your own country, but it is better to use always just to be safe.

Copy-paste from Excel
Do you have a recipient list in an xls-file? Copy the entire column with email addresses and paste. If you also want to have the recipients’ names, the name column must be in the right in the xls file, then you must copy both columns.

Add from the adress book

Click on Ikon adressbok to the right in “To field” to search for recipients from your address book.

Now you automatically get the contents of your address book, you see which labels you can choose from, and you can also search in the “value-filed” if you have imported an xls file. You are free to modify your search and will always see the search result at the bottom left, then click on Save selection. Click on New selection if you want to add more recipients with other labels and close the box when you are done. Your selections are now in the To-field, click on it if you want to review or change them.Tillagda från adressbok

Write mobile number
Compose your Link-SMS

Here you can select a separate text to be sent as an SMS and then format the web view exactly as you want.

Click on  Grått A meddelandeformat  to choose Plain or Rich text.

You can then write a shorter text message as an SMS in the field “Plain text”. A link wii automatically be added to the end of the SMS. The recipient can click on this link if they want to see your rich message which is displayed on an automatically created web page.

Attach images, videos, audio files, or documents that you want the recipient to download.

Send link-sms
Send or schedule

När du känner dig klar så klickar du på rullgardinsmenyn och väljer om du vill skicka nu, schemalägga eller spara som utkast. Vill du skicka direkt klickar du bara på skicka.

Schemalägg – Om du inte vill skicka ditt meddelande direkt kan du välja att schemalägga det istället. Ange datum och tiden meddelandet ska lämna TellusTalk och klicka på Spara

Schemalägg utskick

Som standard är upprepning ej påslaget när du valt att schemalägga. För att aktivera upprepning av ditt utskick. Klicka på upprepas ej och dra fliken till höger. Här kan du läsa mer om schemaläggning.

Vi tipsar om mallar – Ett meddelande som du använder ofta kan med fördel sparas som en mall, så du kan använda det för framtida utskick. Välj mall nere till höger och ange ett namn och klicka på Spara. Här kan du läsa mer om mallar.

Utkast – När du är nöjd med ett meddelande kan du spara det som ett utkast till senare.
Välj Utkast nere till höger och klicka “Spara”. Här kan du läsa mer om utkast.

The recipients receive an SMS with an automatically created link. When they click on the link they can read your message and see any attached files.


How many characters are displayed in my Link SMS?
When you send a Link SMS, the default is to send one message. This means that the first 140 characters are displayed in the message itself. The remaining text message is displayed when the recipient clicks on the link. It is also possible to increase the number of parts for one single message. This will result in a larger part of the text you send to be displayed directly in the SMS. Up to 8 parts can be displayed, just like when you send regular text messages.
Test Send

Innan du skickar ett meddelande kan du provskicka det till dig själv för att se hur det ser ut och hur många SMS-delar det blir.

Om du ska lägga till mottagare direkt i adressfältet

Börja med att sätta dig själv som mottagare och skicka till dig själv tills du är nöjd. Gå till Skickade-fliken och använd ett meddelande du var nöjd med som mall för ett nytt meddelande.
Du ser i Loggarna hur många SMS-delar det blev:
Logg SMS-delar

Om du ska skicka till mottagare från din adressbok Ikon adressbok

När du väljer mottagare från en adressbok så används adressbokens egna inställningar för hur utskicket ska se ut. Därför måste du lägga till dig själv i den aktuella adressboken först, sätt etiketten “Test” på dig själv så blir det enkelt att skicka bara till dig.
Adressbok med testmottagare

I Till-fältet väljer du Ikon adressbok och söker fram dig själv genom att bocka i “Test” bland etiketterna, spara urval och stäng fönstret.Skicka till adressbok testmottagare

Test i Till-fältetNu kommer du få samma inställningar som de andra i adressboken. Skicka ditt meddelande tills du är nöjd. Gå till Skickade-fliken och använd det meddelande du var nöjd med som mall för ett nytt meddelande.
Du ser i Loggarna hur många SMS-delar det blev:
Logg SMS-delar

När allt ser bra ut kan du söka fram de övriga mottagarna från adressboken och skicka ditt meddelande till alla.


When is the Link SMS sent?

Det finns olika tillfällen när Länk-SMS skickas, istället för ett vanligt SMS

Som standard så gör vi automatiskt om ett SMS till ett Länk-SMS om det finns en fil bifogad i meddelandet, oavsett om du skickar från Verktygslådan eller din mail. Inbäddade bilagor, som loggan i din mailsignatur, betraktas inte som bilagor så dessa filtrerar vi bort och ditt meddelande skickas som ett vanligt SMS. En fil som dras från skrivbordet till det e-postmeddelande du ska skicka blir i regel inbäddad och räknas inte som bifogad.

Om du vill att även inbäddade filer ska räknas med och konverteras till Länk-SMS så kan du kontakta oss så ordnar vi det.

Om du vill att alla SMS du skickar ska omvandlas till Länk-SMS automatiskt kan du kontakta oss så fixar vi det. 

Om du vill att dina SMS aldrig ska omvandlas till Länk-SMS så löser vi det självklart också.

Länk-SMS används alltid när du skickar ett SMS som är skyddat med en inloggning samt inbjudan till elektronisk signering via SMS.

Interactive response function
When the recipients open the link, they can reply to your message directly to your email address, regardless of the type of originator you have on your SMS. If it is needed, the recipient can also attach a file when replying to you. If the recipients have opened the message on their mobile phone, they can choose to take a picture with their camera, record an audio/video file, or attach an existing file and send it to you.
It is also possible for them to reply with their location (their geolocation which uses the mobile’s GPS function). The map is displayed in the log for the user to see which is accessed via the Toolbox.
Traceable links
När du gör utskick som mail och SMS som skickats som skyddade, mail och SMS med signeringsinbjudan samt Länk-SMS så lägger vårt system automatiskt till en länk i meddelandet innan vi skickar det till mottagaren. Länken är unik för varje mottagare och automatiskt spårbar så att vi loggar när länken öppnas. Det innebär att du tydligt kan se i loggarna i Verktygslådan när mottagaren klickat på länken.
klicka på loggar
Rad nummer 2 är utskicket, du ser att det levererats genom symbolen Bild - grön bock - lev och rad nummer 1, symbolen Bild - grönt öga är när mottagaren klickat på länken


Mottagaren kan välja att svara och även ange sin position i sitt meddelande


Svaret skickas tillbaka till dig med ditt ursprungsmeddelande:

svar länk-sms

Loggarna har då fått ytterligare en rad med symbolen Bild - grönt öga och svaret har skickats tillbaka till dig, som rad 1 i exemplet. Så här ser hela utskickets kedja i loggarna.


Rad 3. Utskick
Rad 2. Klickat på Länk
Rad 1. Svaret mottaget

Place the link yourself
By default, the link will automatically be at the bottom of the SMS.

If you want to place it elsewhere, enter the code –LINK_SMS– anywhere you want the link to appear in the text. This works even when you send your messages via API.


Areas of use

Send invitations to events.
Order confirmations via SMS.
Let your customers take advantage of promotions and offers.
Recipients can respond with text, location (GPS) and camera images directly from their mobile phones.
Interact with your recipients by using a simple reply option.
Send business cards using regular text messages.
Visitor registration at the reception – take a picture of the visitor and send it with the visitor notification via SMS.
Voicemail messages? Send audio files when the message notification goes out as an SMS.
Attach reports to your alarm systems, making it easier for technicians to directly view the attachment in their mobile phone.


What’s behind the tabs?

Save as draft.
When you have finished a message, you can save it as a Draft and use it later. Select Draft at the bottom right and click “Save”.
You can find the messages that you saved as drafts under the Draft tab.
Click onIkon - öppna detaljer  to open the draft and edit it.
You can keep the message as a draft or send it when your are done.
Schedule your messages.
If you do not want to send your message directly, you can choose to schedule it instead.

Enter the date and time that you want to send your message and click Save.

By default, repetition is not activated for a scheduled message. To activate repetition for your mailing, click on “Does Not repeat”.

You can choose how often your mailings should be repeated and the interval between them (week/month). Also which days of the week the message should be sent and an end date. Close the window when you are done.

You can find all your scheduled messages under the Schedule tab.

Save as template.
A message that you use often can be saved as a template, so you can use if for your future mailings. Select the Template option at the bottom right, enter a name and click on Save. You will find your message templates in the Template tab.

Tip! Use a template as a standard format for new messages

This is useful if you often send the same type of messages. In a template you can save text, recipients and all other settings you do in a message.

Tick the botton option and then click on Select – done! Now all your new messages will be made by this template.
If you want to create a message with another template, you just go to the Template tab and click on  Ikon - använd som mall för nytt meddelande . The template that you want to use for a new message with the correct settings will be created immediately.
Watch the video to see how you can create templates in the toolbox:

Sent messages.
Here you can find the messages which you sent from the Tool box.
Click on Ikon - öppna detaljer to see more details and to bring up the following options:
Ikon - använd som mall för nytt meddelandeCreate a new message using this message as a template.
 Manage signatures. Here you can keep track of the signatures, add additional recipients for signing, and download signed files.
 Check the logs for just this mailing.
Ikon - blå soptunna Delete the mailing from the Sent tab. The details remain in the logs if you need them later.
Tip for keeping track of electronic signatures
If you make different mailings for an electronic signature and you want to keep track of who has signed and who has not, it is better to delete the mail from the Sent tab when the recipients have signed. Then only the mailings which have to be signed in the Sent tab remain.

More settings in the send window


Attach a file
For regular email, you can attach files up to 10 MB.
Attach PDF files if the recipient should sign them. We recommend a maximum file size of 3.5 MB.
SMS mailings are converted to Link SMS, if you attach a file it has no size limit.
For fax messages, it is best to send grayscale PDFs as fax machines do not support color. Before sending an xls file, check its functions and graphs and convert them to PDF before sending.
Combine with BankID login

You can combine Signing with Secure messages, it can be practical when you want to send an agreement or other sensitive information. The recipients must first log in with BankID or a one-time password to be able to read the secure text. Then they can sign it.

Click on  and select how the recipients should log in:

Login with BankID is selected by default. You can also choose which social security number or numbers should be able to log in.

If you do not enter a personal ID, anyone receiving the message can log in with BankID. You will then receive a notification of which personal ID has logged in.

Watch the video to see how you can secure your message with a one-time password:

gray pen
Combine with Signing
You can combine your text message with signing, it is useful when you want to send an agreement or other sensitive information. The recipient must sign the sent document with eID or a one-time password, the signed document will then be sent back to your email or URL.

Click on the Grå penna symbol. There are several signing options to choose from:

Choose which eID the recipient should use to sign the document. The default is the Swedish BankID, but you can also choose the eID for Finland, Norway or Denmark.

You can also select a one-time password as a signing method. Click on the arrow to bring up the signing options. The one-time password is sent to the recipient in the same way as you send your signing request, either via email or SMS.
One-time passwords are created automatically when the recipient is ready to sign.

If you select signing directly on the screen (draw) as the signing type, the recipient can sign by drawing their signature with a mouse or with their finger.

Gray A message format
Choose the right message format
To the right of the subject field, you can choose which format you want for your message.

Plain text can be used for most mailings. For example, SMS and messages which contain plain text.

Rich text is good for sending emails. You will get more tools to make your email organised and you can attach images and other files.

Plain text/Rich text is selected if you want to send Link SMS. You can write a short text as an SMS in the field “Plain text”, then we automatically add a link at the end of the SMS which the recipient can click if they want to see your message.

This option is also good it you want to send a message to phone numbers and email addresses at the same time. The formatted message is then sent as a regular HTML- formatted email to the email addresses.

Three dots
More settings for the message
Here you can make more advanced settings which only apply for a particular mailing.

SMS delivery

The validity time determines how long we try to deliver an SMS after it has been sent. For example, you send a meeting reminder one hour before a meeting, but you do not want the reminder delivered after the meeting is over. Enter the validity time in hours:minutes. The minimum time is 5 minutes, the maximum is 72 hours. Validity time has no effect on fax or email messages.

As the originator, you can choose between:
– SMS Reply: the recipient can reply and their response will be sent to your email address. We set different numbers as originators.
– Text: the recipient can not reply to your message. A maximum of 11 characters can be set as the text originator.
– Number: you can put your own phone number (or a virtual number that you rent from us) as an originator. The recipient can reply to your message and their response will be sent to the specified number.

Email delivery

You can set a name for your email with any text. For example, the company’s name or a specific department can be set as a name for an email. However, this does NOT change the email address that is used as the originator.

If you add no-reply here, the recipient can not respond to your email.
Payment Request
If you have activated this function and linked one or more payment options to us, you can send a payment request via SMS or email. Here you can read more about payment request.


Gray trash can
Delete the message
If you are not satisfied with your message, click on Går papperskorg for deleting/clearing the current message and start over from the beginning.


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