Send text messages from the toolbox

Here you get help sending text messages from the Toolbox. As a customer of TellusTalk, you have access to a Toolbox on the webpage where you can do your mailing. No installation required.

Add recipient

Enter the recipient in “To-field”, sending to multiple recipients at the same time is possible, including a mix between phone numbers and email addresses. As you type, the system provides suggestions for recipients that you have saved in your address book or were sent previously.
The country code is needed if you send to the phone numbers which are not Swedish.

Copy-paste from Excel
Do you have a recipient list in an xls-file? Copy the entire column with email addresses and paste. If you also want to have the recipients’ names, the name column must be in the right in the xls file, then you must copy both columns.

Add from the adress book

Click on Ikon adressbok to the right in “To field” to search for recipients from your address book.

Now you automatically get the contents of your address book, you see which labels you can choose from, and you can also search in the “value-filed” if you have imported an xls file. You are free to modify your search and will always see the search result at the bottom left, then click on Save selection. Click on New selection if you want to add more recipients with other labels and close the box when you are done. Your selections are now in the To-field, click on it if you want to review or change them.Tillagda från adressbok

Write mobile number
Write your SMS

You do not need to write anything in the subject field when you send an SMS. Note that the text in the subject field will appear first in the text message and that this affects the length of the message.

Send or schedule

When you are finished composing your message, you can choose to Send right away, Schedule, save as a Draft or a Template.
If you just want to send right away, click Send.Now-Schedule-Draft

Schedule - If you don´t want to send your message right now, you can schedule it for later. Add the date and time when you want the message to be sent from us and click Save. You can read more about scheduling further down on this page.


Draft - If you don´t want to send your message right away you can save it as a draft for later. You can read more about drafts further down on this page.

Template - A message you use a lot can be saved as a Template, to be used for future messages. You can read more about templates further down on this page.


At the bottom of the "Plain Text" field is a calculator that shows the number of characters in the message.
SMS counter

This calculator is helpful for you when sending SMS, so you know approximately how many SMS-parts your message will be. Keep in mind that the subject line and other texts can be added in addition to what is in this field.

Test an SMS to yourself if you are unsure. A message that contains more than 160 characters is divided into the number of SMS needed to accommodate the text. You can send up to 1224 characters, which is divided into a maximum of 8 SMS-parts.

The number of parts can be limited by the user's and/or the account's SMS-settings. There you can specify whether you want to limit the possibility of sending many SMS-parts. Each part costs as an SMS.
If your message is longer than the number of parts you specified, the end will be cut off.

Send test

Before you send a message you could send a test to yourself to make sure it looks ok and also see how many SMS parts it will be. This could be important if you are sending a message to many recipients.

If you are adding recipients in the To-field

Start by adding yourself in the To-field and compose and send until you are happy with your message. Go to the Sent Messages fold to use a good one as a template for the next.
Contact us if you need help to check how many SMS parts your message will be divided into.

If you are sending to recipients from your Address Book Ikon adressbok

When choosing recipients from your address book, the address book settings will be applied to your message. You will have to add yourself to the address book first, add a label "Test" to make it easier sending the test only to you.
Add test recipient

In the To-field you click Ikon adressbok and filter yourself by checking the Test box. Click Save Selection and close the window.Select test recipient

Test i Till-fältetNow this message will have the same settings as do the address book. Compose and send your test message until you are happy with it. Go to the Sent Messages fold to use a good one as a template for the next. Contact us if you need help to check how many SMS parts your message will be divided into.

When your test looks good you can finally filter and add the other members of your address book.

You can choose which type of originator you want on your SMS under the Settings in the left menu. You can allow recipients to reply to your text messages or emails, or put a text as the originator so they can not reply. You can read more about these options under the Settings.
Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 16.36.11

Send Link SMS

Link SMS is as practical as a regular SMS, but with more functions. Unlike MMS, link SMS can be sent to recipients all over the world and can be opened using a cell phone or a computer.

You can read more about how to send Link SMS here.

Watch the video about Link SMS




Send Voice SMS

Voice SMS are read-out text messages which can be sent to mobile phones or landlines. The message is read out by a computer in multiple languages.

Read more about how to send voice SMS here.

Send MMS

You can also send MMS from the toolbox.

MMS is only available in Sweden and a few other countries. Please check Link SMS which can be sent globally and has more functions.

 Read more about how to send MMS here.

Whats behind the tabs?


Save as template
When you are satisfied with your message, you can save it as a draft for later. Choose Draft down to the right and click Save.
Save as draft
You will find all of your drafts under the tab Drafts
Click Ikon - öppna detaljer  to open your draft and continue editing.
You can keep the message as a draft or send it when you are done.
Schedule your messages
If you don´t want to send your message right away, you can schedule it for later.

Choose schedule

Set the date and time when you want your message to be sent and click Save.


Does not Repeat is the standard setting. Click it to activate repeat of your message.


You can choose how often and on what interval your message should be repeated. You can also choose what days of the week and at whet time it should be repeated. Don´t forget to set a Due Date, when the repeat will end. Just close the window when you are done.

You will find all your scheduled messages under the tab Scheduled.

Tab scheduled
Save as template
A message that you use often can be saved as a template, so you can use if for your future mailings. In a template you can save text, recipients and all other settings you do in a message.
Select the Template option at the bottom right, enter a name and click on Save.
Choose Template
You will find your message templates in the Template tab.
Template tab


Tip! Use a template as a standard format for new messages. This is useful if you often send the same type of messages.

Check the template of your choice and confirm your selection. Now all your new messages will be made by this template.
Select template
If you want to create a message with another template, you just go to the Template tab and click on Ikon - använd som mall för nytt meddelande. The template that you want to use for a new message with the correct settings will be created immediately.
Here Bettina shows how you can make templates in the tool box:

Sent messages
Här hittar du de meddelanden som skickats från Verktygslådan.
Klicka på Ikon - öppna detaljer för att se mer detaljer och få upp följande alternativ:
Ikon - använd som mall för nytt meddelande Skapa ett nytt meddelande med detta meddelande som mall
Ikon - blå penna Administrera signaturer. Här kan du se vilka som signerat, du kan lägga till ytterligare mottagare och du kan ladda ner signerade filer.
Ikon - loggar Kolla loggarna för bara det här utskicket.
Ikon - blå soptunna Radera utskicket från Skickade-fliken. Detaljerna finns kvar i loggarna om du skulle behöva dem senare.

More settings in the Send view


Attach a file
When sending standard emails you can attach files sized up to 10 MB.
If you are sending an invitation for electronic signature (only PDF allowed) we recommend that the attached PDF is no more than 3,5 MB.
Text messages are converted to Link-SMS if you attach a file, there is no size limit here.
When sending faxes we recommend that you send PDF in gray scale, faxes cannot handle color very well. Before you send xls-files as fax you should examine your document. Functions and diagrams might cause trouble. We recommend that you convert them into PDF before you send them.
Combine with BankID login

You can combine Electronic Signing with Secure Messages, this can be helpful if you are sending offers or other sensitive information. The recipient must first log in with eID or OTP to be able to read the protected message. Then they can also sign.

Click and choose how the recipient should identify themselves:

Protected message

Login with BankID is standard, here you can choose for our other available eID:s or OTP.

You can also set what personal id:s should be able to log in. If you don´t set a personal id, anyone can log in but you will have a note of the personal id of the person that logged in.

gray pen
Combine with Signing

You can combine your messages with an electronic signature, this can be useful if you are sending an offer or important instruction. The recipient can sign your message with eID or OTP, the signed document is sent to your email or via API as you prefer.

Click on the  Grå penna to activate the possibility to sign. There are several different identification options available:

choose signing option


Choose what eID the recipient should use for the signature. Standard is Swedish BankID, but you can choose any of the other available ID:s or "Any eID" and let the recipient choose.

You can also choose OTP as an option for the signature. The OTP is automatically generated and sent to the recipient when they are ready to sign.

If you choose "Draw signature" the recipient can sign your message by drawing their signature with the cursor or their finger right on the screen. They will also leave their full name in text.

Gray A message format
Choose the right message format

Depending on the type and recipients of your message you can choose format for your message.

Message format
Plain text is good for most simple messages. For example text messages and emails that don´t need to be nicely formatted.

Rich text is good when you want to send emails. You will have more tools for formatting, inserting images for example.

Plain text/Rich text is primarily when you want to send Link-SMS. You can type a shorter message in the Plain section, that will be delivered as a text message to the recipients phone. And then you can compose and format your full message in Rich text that will be displayed in the web view when the recipient clicks the link.
This is also a good option if you are sending your message to both mobile numbers and email addresses at the same time. You can compose different messages depending on how it should be delivered.

Three dots
More settings for the message

Here you can do more advanced temporary settings for this current message only

More - settings


SMS Delivery

More - settings - sms delivery

The Validity time determines for how long the mobile operator will continue to try to deliver the text message to the handset. If you for example sends a reminder for a meeting in an hour, you might not want the reminder to be delivered after the meeting if there were delays in the delivery. Give the validity time in hours:minuset. Minimal time is 5 minutes and maximum is 72 hours.
The validity time does not accept messages sent by fax or email.

As Originator for your message you can choose between:
- SMS-reply, then the recipient can reply to your message and any replies will be sent to your email. We are using our own numbers as originator to enable this functionality.
- Text, then the recipient cannot reply to your message. The text will be displayed as sender and you can set maximum of 11 characters as originator.
- Number, you can put your own number, or a virtual number you get from us, as sender. The recipient will be able to reply to the number you put here.

Email Delivery

More - settings - email delivery

Email From Name can be set to any text. For example your personal name or your company name. This will not affect the sending email address, just the "friendly name" displayed in the recipients inbox.
If you put "noreply" here, the email sender will be and the recipient will not be able to reply to your email.

Payment Request

More - settings - payment request

If this functionality is added to your account, you can send payment requests via SMS or email to your customers. You can read more about payment requests here.

Gray trash can
Delete the message

If you are not happy with your message, just click Går papperskorg for deletion and start over.


Receive SMS and MMS

You can easily receive SMS and MMS directly to your email or a URL in different ways.

Keywords and shortcodes

For a campaign you can use a keyword that the sender must add first in the message, before sending it to the short code.
In an ad you could for example write ”Text TELLUS followed by your message to 72080”

We will send any received message directly to your email or URL, and you can easily reply from your email. It is also possible to add an automatic reply, so that the sender will immediately get confirmation of the sent message.

This is an extra service, contact us for more information.

Virtual mobile number

Get a virtual mobile number from us and you can receive SMS and MMS directly to your email or URL. This is a good option if your customers sends you messages regularly, then they can save your number as a contact in their phone.

We have both short and long numbers and international coverage
This is an added service, contact us for more information.


When you have chosen Reply-SMS as originator for your message, the recipient can reply to your message with both SMS and MMS. The reply is sent, along with the original message, to your email or URL. The reply is also available in your online Toolbox.

To make it easier to keep track of your conversations, different virtual numbers are used as originator for each new message to the same recipient. This is called "multi thread". If you want all your messages to be sent with the same number to the same recipient, contact us and ask us to change it to "single thread".

This functionality is included in your service

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