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Here we have gathered all the information about settings for users in our web-based toolbox.



Open the menu by clicking bild på knappen som visar eller döljer menyn i TellusTalks webbgränssnitt - Verkktygslådan then click on Settings Settings

User settings

Friendly name can be used when sending emails from the toolbox, if no other settings are made for your message. Here you can read more about what the originator of emails looks like. 

It’s also a way for the administrator of the account to keep track of the users.

The friendly name is visible and looks nice when sending a PDF for signing, for example:

Friendly name

Country code and Language setting

Country code – here you can enter the country code to where you most often send SMS.
It means that you, for example, don’t have to type +46 on your SMS-sendings to Sweden.

Language settings – refers to the language of internal messages for the service, for instance, delivery reports.
The language for the toolbox itself is adjusted after the settings of the browser.
Default is Swedish.

language settings

Log in with one time password

Enter the mobile number or email to which the one time password is sent when logging in, select service and click save.

log in with OTP


Here you can add or remove services, SMS or fax.

SMS settings

SMS settings
SMS rapport
By default, no reports are sent. You will still find the information about each mailing in your logs.
Sometimes you want a report on the status of the message. Then you change the status from never to the occasions you choose. Choose between Always, When Success or When Failed.
SMS report
Delivery reports are sent out as soon as we have received a report from the mobile or the mobile operator.
Where should the reports be sent?
Once you have filled in that you want a report, a new field is opened. Enter the address to where you want your delivery reports, email adress or URL.
Http is standard

If you want the report as XML to a URL: type XML: in front of the entire URL, for example XML:http. . .
You must do this if the report is to be sent as XML, otherwise it will be HTTP form.

We also support additional formats for recipients in the form of URLs, contact us for more information.

Attach message

Check in the box if you want the original message you sent to be included in the report.


You can choose different kinds of originator for your message. Standard or default for most accounts is SMS Reply.

SMS originator

Choose the originator in the drop down menu.

SMS originator options


This is the setting of the main account. If you keep this setting, it might change if the main administrator changes the setting of the main account.

Add your own mobile number as sender, or use a virtual number you can get from us. If you choose your own number, it will seem like you sent the message from your own phone and any replies will be sent directly there.

Shortcode / keyword
If you have a keyword registered to one of our short codes, you can use the short code as sender. The recipient must put your keyword first if they reply to this message, for us to be able to send it on to you.

You can also choose an alphanumeric originator of up to 11 characters. Please remember that the recipient will not be able to reply to this message.

If you send your messages from your email, we can use your subject line as originator. This is a good option if you want to change originator often.
Maximum of 11 characters will be used as originator, the full subject line will also be added first in your message. This will effect the size and number of parts of the text message that is finally sent to the recipient. If you forget to put anything in the subject line, we will use SMS Reply as originator.

SMS Reply
With this option, the recipient can reply to your message and the reply will be sent to your email. You can easily continue the conversation in your email. We will choose the number that is set as originator. You can read more about SMS Reply here.

* Limitations for alphanumeric sender
Alphanumeric originator is not supported by all operators in all countries. The originator might get changed by the operator.
You can use all characters and numbers except the following: \ / [ ] " | { } ~ ^ €
But we recommend that you stick to using: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, hyphen (-) dot (.) and space.

iPhone might handle short alphanumeric senders in unexpected ways.
Historically, iPhone has been known to sometimes delete messages sent with some combinations of alphanumeric senders, shorter than four characters. If you choose a short alphanumeric sender, we recommend that you send some tests to a few iPhones before using it in larger scales.

A message that contains more than 160 characters is divided into the number of SMS needed for the text to fit. You can send up to 1224 characters, which is divided into a maximum of 8 SMS-parts.

Here you can specify if you want to limit the possibility of sending many SMS-parts. The default setting is 7 SMS-parts

Each part costs as an SMS. If your message is longer than the number of parts you specified, the end will be cut off.


Check the box here and your messages will be sent directly to the phone’s screen and will not normally be saved in the phone’s inbox.
Very good when sending one-time password / OTP.


Here you can enter a text that is automatically added to the end of all your SMS.

signature sms settings

Remove End of Message

If you have a text that is automatically added at the end of the email you send, you can enter it here. We then delete the text from the SMS that is sent. This is useful if the mail server automatically adds text.

 remove end of message

Fax settings buttons


Cover page

The handling of cover pages should be simple. Right from the beginning you have functioning cover pages which is created automatically for each fax. Sometimes users have special requests about the design of the cover page. Our cover pages are flexible enough to fulfill these desires.


The left column contains data that we put on the cover page. Some of that data comes from the account and some can be customized for each user.


A cover page is automatically created for you when you send a fax. You have the following options regarding cover pages:
– A common cover page for the entire domain (company)
– A cover page for each department, work group or other unit
– A personal cover page
– Not used cover pages
– A self-designed cover page

Different languages
You can have cover pages in different languages.

They are activated automatically by the country code in the fax number.
For example, if you create a cover page in German, it will be used when you eFax to a German-speaking country.

Fax Report

Enter the e-mail address to which you want receipts delivered.
The default is “sender”, i.e. the sender’s email. Click on the plus sign to the right of the selected email address, in the drop-down menu you can set when a receipt is to be sent:
– Always: You always get a report. 
– Always also preliminary: You will receive a report when the fax has left us and if we change supplier during delivery but before we have received a report that the fax has arrived.
– Delivered Only: You will receive a report for all faxes delivered.
– Failed Only: You will receive a report for all faxes that have not been delivered.
– Never: You will never receive reports for faxes sent.
At the far right, you can choose whether you want a copy, by fax, in the report. Check the “Attach message” box to activate the function.


Fax report


Knapp Organisationstillhörighet

Om ditt företag har ett organisationsträd för interndebitering kan du välja plats i organisationsträdet här.

Knapp email alias

De mailadresser som skall kunna skicka meddelanden via din användare och med dina inställningar. Fyll i dina andra mailadresser som ska kunna använda tjänsten och klicka på spara.

Knapp Behörigheter

Användare vars emailadress ligger här har administrativ access till din användare och kan logga in som dig. Här kan du t.ex. lägga till en kollega som ska ta hand om dina utskick under semestern.

Här finns också en lista över de användare som du har administrativ access till. Du växlar mellan dessa användare högst uppe till höger i din Verktygslåda.
Växla mellan användare

Knapp Ändra lösenord

Fyll i ditt nya lösenord och klicka på spara.


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