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Electronic signatures

Secure messages

Send a secure message with OTP login

SMS services

Sen SMS with e-sign invite with your Toolbox
When is Link-SMS sent?

There are different occasions when Link-SMS is sent, instead of a regular SMS

By default, we automatically convert an SMS to a Link-SMS if there is a file attached to the message, regardless of whether you send from the Toolbox or your email. Embedded attachments, such as the logo in your email signature, are not considered attachments, so we filter these out and your message is sent as a regular SMS. A file that is dragged from the desktop to the email you are about to send is usually embedded and does not count as an attachment.

If you also want embedded files to be included and converted to Link-SMS, contact us and we will arrange it.

If you want all SMS you send to be converted to Link-SMS automatically, contact us and we will fix it.

If you want your SMS to never be converted to Link-SMS, we will of course solve it as well.

Link-SMS is always used when you send an SMS that is protected with a login as well as invitation to electronic signing via SMS.

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