Send sensitive information with SMS and Email

– your content is protected by login with eID or OTP

No apps, plugins or configurations. All you need to send a secure message is your email and a TellusTalk account.

All the recipient needs is an eID or OTP.

Send easily from your email

You choose if the recipient should log in with eID or OTP.

The recipient gets a link to your message and an instruction to follow the link and log in to be able to read the message.

When the recipient has logged in you will get a note, so that you can be sure they have read your message.

Kind of like a registered mail.

You can also use our web gateway,

always included in the subscription. Choose between a simple one for mobiles or the one for bigger screens with more functionality.

Or connect with your softwares!

All software that can send email are also able to send Secure Emails and SMS just like you do from your email. If the system prefers to speak HTTP you can send your technicians here to read our API documentation

Protected information for E-signature

Combine Secure Messages with the service Electronic Signing, if the information to be signed contains sensitive information. You can be sure only the right person can read and sign your documents.

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Delivery report

Delivery report functionality is always included. Reports are sent to you using a communication channel of your choosing with the settings you prefer.

Real time logs

The logs are in real time for all transaction types. They are available on the web interface or via API.

More details?

You will find all the features of our services here!


Use one or a combination of our communication channels to access our services!


It’s the easiest way to access the full functionality of the TellusTalk messaging platform. You can design and store your messages, bulk sendings and target groups on the web. Available everywhere, anytime.


Perfect for your mobile or tablet, only the bare essentials to send and receive messages.

Email, SMTP

Use your Email when sending and receiving messages. Works instantly with any Email client, both locally and on the web. Delivery reports can be sent back to your Email.

API, Gateway

Connect your systems and applications. TellusTalk supports a wide range of API’s including REST, XML, JSON and HTTP. We will of course also support your integration project, all the way.

Possibly the best collection of support and services there is…


Complete global coverage on all communication channels. Be sure to reach your target audience wherever they may be.

Support 24/7

24/7 English and Swedish speaking support. Call us on +46 8 509 126 00 or send an email to On our Wiki pages you will also find documentation and instructions if you prefer.


Our fast and scalable cloud platform allows us to promise uninterrupted and secure message deliveries even during the most extreme traffic loads. Automated buffering is used to accomodate operator interfaces.
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