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Secure SMS


Integrate with API, use your email or our online toolbox

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To open a Secure SMS the recipient must identify themselves with eID or OTP.

No apps

The recipient receives a text messsage with a link to a website for login and display of your message, no apps required.

Send Secure SMS to the right person

Set what personal id:s are authorized, and your message will not fall into the wrong hands!

Smart and simple solution for secure digital communication.

Reach out with Secure SMS



Your data never leaves the Sweden and is stored encrypted.

+ Lock to personal id

Only the right person can read your message

+ Signing

Can be combined with an electronic signature.


Simple and safe with integration via our API.

Safe sending


We will give you support 24/7 in both english and swedish.


Choose between BankID, OTP or other eID as authentication method.

+ Documents

Attach documents and files.

Secure replies

The recipient can reply in a secure manner.

Send from the web

The online Toolbox works just as well on your computer as on the smartphone.

Secure login

Log in on the Toolbox with secure solutions like 2FA, eID or SAML2.


Prepare your message in advance.

Send to many

Create a group and send to all at the same time.