Today we know that signatures can be digital and that signing can take place at a distance and without a physical meeting. With electronic signing, it’s fast and in a few minutes you can get a document signed regardless of where you are!

We have a market leading e-signing service. We help you customise the TellusTalk e-signing service and assist you in integrating e-signing with your workflow.
You can send the signature request via SMS or email.

Easy to integrate in your systems or applications. Work from your email or the web-based Toolbox



A simple and effective way to reach out to your customers. As easy way to speed up the sales process. The recipient opens, reads and signs the agreement on their cellphone, in three simple steps.


The recipient receives an email with a link and an instruction to click on the link and sign. When the recipient has signed, you will have the signed agreement sent back to you.

Build electronic signing into your website!

Then it will be even easier for customers to sign. Using this page you can try it yourself. Integrating an e-sign solution into your company’s own website is easy.


Christina Blomkvist is a lawyer and founder of the legaltech company GreenCounsel. She likes e-signing!

She has integrated the TellusTalk e-signing services into her platform via API in order to eliminate manual handling.

Please read previous blog posts about how Cristina uses e-signing!

You don’t need to be tech savvy to get started with electronic signing! There are only advantages of electronic signatures and we help you get started!