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SMS is a fast way to communicate, it is easy to send to one or more persons at the same time.

Grow with API

Send SMS from your system to customers, employees or partners and much more!

SMS Gateway suits both small and large companies

With SMS Gateway, you can easily use SMS to get attention quickly, boost customer satisfaction and get instant follow-up via delivery reports. SMS gives you more personalized processes, which results in happier customers and users.

Here are some examples of how you can use SMS in your business.
SMS can be used for everything!

Reliable world-wide delivery

Prepaid traffic charges to the telecom operators guarantee a fast and reliable delivery.

Send and receive SMS

Send and receive SMS via email, API or our online toolbox.

SMS with e-signing

Send agreements or notices for electronic signature with mobile eID.

Secure SMS

The recipient identifies himself with eID or a one-time passcode to read your SMS.

Payment request

Send SMS with pre-filled information so that the customer can pay easily with one click.

Always in our SMS Gateway


We will give you support 24/7 in both english and swedish.

Message originator

You can choose what originator should be on your message. Standard is reply-sms.

Attach files

And we will automatically convert your message to a Link-SMS

Send MMS

Attach images or videos and send them as MMS

Voice SMS

Combine your SMS with a voice message

Receive SMS & MMS

Directly to your email or application using a virtual number.

Auto reply

Activate an automatic reply for your received SMS & MMS.

Address book

Collect your contacts for easy messaging using the Address book.

Send from the web

The online Toolbox works just as well on your computer as on the smartphone.

Secure login

Log in on the Toolbox with secure solutions like 2FA, eID or SAML2.

Administrative access system

The administrator can be given different levels of access to the account or parts of it.

Delivery report

Choose type of report, "always", "success" or "failed".

Real time logs

Displays the status of all your messages, both SMS, MMS, Email and Fax.


Updated every 4 hours, gives you an overview of the transactions over time.