A Stable SMS Gateway with high capacity and availability. Send from email (smtp), web-interface or API. Embed complete SMS services in your systems and applications. You can easily build complete SMS services into your systems and applications, several APIs to choose from such as REST, HTTPS, SMPP. If you do not have access to the system’s API, it is just as easy to send via e-mail (SMTP). Access to all options is included in your subscription. Of course, full support for your integration project is also included. Book a free demo here.

Send SMS via API, REST med JSON or XML

It is easy to send SMS via API. Our RESTapi gives you full access to send and receive messages while you can retrieve logs and statistics or manage users and mailing lists. Use all or just the pieces you need.

Send SMS online with simple HTTP call

Send your SMS online in the simplest possible way, an HTTP call with a mobile number and your message. A quick and easy way to expand the functionality of your system by integrating an SMS Gateway.

Send SMS via SMTP – the easiest integration

Sending an SMS can be as simple as sending an email. If you do not have access to an API in your system, you can use the system’s built-in email function to send SMS. You do not even need to be able to program. Either you put the mobile number in the address,, or you send the email to and put the mobile number in the message.

OTP / One time password

Send one-time passwords simply via SMS. Easily connect the SMS service to your system that generates OTP codes, it works just as well with API as with SMTP.

Dynamic sender

Choose how you want the sender of your message to look like, such as a short text or number. Set for all your messages or choose different for all messages.

Voice SMS

Your message is automatically read by a synthetic voice. 18 different languages are available. Send easily via your email, web or API.

Send MMS

It’s easy to send MMS, attach your photos and we’ll scale them automatically. If you want more features and better global coverage, you can use Link SMS. A regular SMS where we add a link to the photos, documents and videos that you attach. Replies to your Link SMS can contain text, images, videos and GPS position from the sender. You can read more about Link SMS here.


Statistics for your sent messages are available on the web and via the API.

Delivery reports

Delivery reports for your messages is always included. Reports are sent to you via the channel you prefer, based on the settings you choose.

SMS alarm

Use the SMS service to make your alarm faster and more efficient. Easy integration via API or use the system’s built-in email function.

Reply SMS

The recipient can easily reply to your SMS. The reply will be sent back to you together with your original message. Choose if you want the answer to your email or directly into your system via API. It is just as easy to send single SMS as it is to send mass messages.

SMS with e-signing

Use SMS to send agreements or notices for electronic signing. The recipient opens and reads directly in the mobile and signs with eID, one-time code or Draw.

Receive SMS & MMS

Get your own virtual mobile number and post it on your website and in social media. Let your customers send you SMS and MMS.

Flash SMS

Perfect for one-time passwords and other SMS that you want to send directly to the recipient’s mobile screen. One of the advantages of a Flash SMS is that the recipient does not have to open the SMS, it is displayed directly on the mobile screen. Another advantage is that Flash-SMS is automatically deleted from the phone’s memory when it is read, so the recipient’s inbox does not have to be filled with one-time passwords that still can not be used again.

Long messages

Send long messages as SMS. An SMS can only contain 160 characters, but we automatically divide your long text into as many SMS as needed. With the recipient, it looks like a single long SMS.Send long messages as SMS. An SMS can only contain 160 characters, but we automatically divide your long text into as many SMS as needed. At the recipient the message is presented as a single long SMS.

SMS with eID protection

Send sensitive information via SMS, only those you choose can read it by identifying with an eID or one-time code.


You can set up an automatic, direct response to those who send you messages. The content can be dynamic, and adapt to, for example, time of day or day of the week.

Real-time logs

The logs are real-time for all message types. They are available on the web and via the API.


Some special characters and emojis must be sent as Unicode. This function is activated automatically in TellusTalk’s platform when needed.

Binary SMS

We support binary SMS, these are most often used to send ringtones, icons, settings and more.

Adjustable validity period

Specify how long you want us to try to deliver your message if the recipient is not immediately available. Good for campaigns with a limited length or for one-time passwords.

Why should you choose us?


Support 24/7

Phone support around the clock in Swedish and English.



Our fast and scalable cloud platform enables us to provide a stable and secure delivery of messages even in times of extreme traffic flows. We use automatic buffering to adapt to the operators’ capacity.


Reliable delivery

Automatic handling of retransmissions and routes ensures that your messages are delivered, without you having to make the slightest effort.


Wide range of services

Our wide range of messaging services, payment solutions and digital signatures means that you will find everything you need under one roof.

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