Integrate electronic signing, it´s easy!

This is a page for anyone that would like to know what it looks like if you were to integrate electronic signing on your own website, enabling your visitors to e-sign easily.

Input your name below, then you can get the customer experience of filling a form prior to signing the completed document.

The website will automatically create a PDF that is sent to our service using API calls. Our service will reply with a link that is presented by the website. Here the visitor can preview the PDF and sign with your preferred method, like Draw or eID.
When the signature process is finished, the signatory can easily download their own copy. A signed copy is also automatically sent to you using API or email, to be archived in your system.

Try it on your own website!

If you already have a TellusTalk subscription, you can just take a look at the API documentation and start building using one of your userid´s and passwords. There is also a description on how to use Gravity Forms in WordPress, like we did on this page. Let us know if you would like a copy!

Not a programmer yourself?

We have an additional service where we can build and host a page like this for you. You just let us know what the page, the form and the complete PDF should look like and we will create it for you. The result will be a stand alone page that in appearance will match you own website and where you can redirect visitors that would like to sign up with you. The signed file will be sent to you by API or email, whatever you prefer. Please contact us to receive a quote.

This is another example of what it can look like: