The year 2023 has given us more records regarding both the SMS and signing services, which we think is extremely fun. We notice that digital messaging services are starting to take up more space in Swedish society, both for consumers and within businesses.

More people notice how simple and flexible it is with digital services for communication and how it facilitates their daily work. When it comes to security and management.

Digitization is modern and can be tailored to your needs. Digitization solutions are not only cheaper, they are also smarter!

During the past year, we have received many questions about electronic signing. By those who are curious how it works and by those who want to test e-signing. When constructing the new platform for e-signing, we considered all wishes about various functions we did not have in place in the old platform. Most of them are now included.

For us, it is important that our customers get what they are looking for, and we are therefore happy and proud that we are now launching a brand new version of our signing service with tons more possibilities and features! Please get in touch if you want to try it!