Administrate user

Here it’s possible to add and delete users, change their settings, resources and placement in the organizational chart. It’s also possible to adjust the settings for the entire account and assign administrative access to the entire or just parts of the account.

Press Users in the menu to the left when you are logged in as an administrator. Now all users are displayed, where applicable, broken down by organizational affiliation.


Add user

add user


Press + Add User under the organizational affiliation where you want to place the user. It’s always possible to change organizational affiliation later. Enter email adress in the field “Email:”. A password have automatically been generated, keep it or enter your own. Check the boxes if the user should have access to SMS and/or Fax (for customers who only use the signing service, you should choose SMS). Then you press Add User in order to save.

Note that systems which are going to send messages or generate a signature need to have a user, a system can send from an email adress or have a name of your choice if you use HTTP/HTTPS.

Manage settings on users

Press the arrow left to the username and the following will be displayed. This is basically the same that the user can see under their own settings, you can read more about them here.

adjust user settings

As an administrator, you have some extra buttons which we have a closer look at here.


– a link to the user’s personal Toolbox


– here the user’s numbers, address books and public email addresses are gathered


– user traffic statistics, updated every 6 hours

delete user

– if you want to delete a user, click here

add number

– assign available numbers in the account to a user

Account-wide settings

Click the “hamburger menu” Hamburgermeny vit in front of the name of the organizational unit you want to make the settings on. The settings you make here becomes the standard for all new user’s but also the user’s who have chosen not to make any personal settings. 


Enter contact information to the one who is responsible or administrator for the account.

We collect this information automatically and email it to people who have tried to use the service but who are not registered as users.

SMS settings

Specify the settings for SMS that should apply by default on the account, reply SMS is often selected by default on a new account.

Each user can then make personal settings on their own user.

Here you can read more about the different alternatives for SMS settings. 

Fax coverpage

Specify the cover page settings which should be set as default on the account, our standard cover page is usually activated on a new account.

Each user can then make their personal settings on their own user.

Here you can read more about the different alternatives for fax settings. 


Here you manage administrators on the account. Users whose email adress is here have administrative access, at the top level they have access to the entire account.

It’s also possible to to add  a user to a sub-level, they then only has access to this level and any subdivisions. Inherited administrators are those who are administrators at the top level and have access to the entire account.

Access settings


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