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The Toolbox

All users have a personal login on the web, usually the email address is your username. Here’s where you can log in.

If you already have a login to the new platform, log in here, the username is usually the same but it is a separate password as the platforms are separated.


This is where you start. If you don’t want to do much more than send text messages or emails, with for example an invitation to electronic signing, it’s fine to stay here.


Sign PDF

If someone has sent you a PDF that they want you to sign, you can simply upload it here, sign it using an electronic signing app (for example BankID), download it and then send it back.

Signing app

This menu item is only available on the new platform. This is where you will find our new and improved electronic signature service, and where you will find the protected messages and link-SMS you send out.

Address book

Here you can add, manage and remove recipients from your address books.


This is where you manage your virtual numbers for SMS, MMS and fax, code words and short codes. On the current platform, you can change some settings on the address book here, on the new platform this is handled by mailing templates. Read more about the address book and upcoming changes here.


Here you can follow the status of your sent messages/bulk sendings.


Updated approximately every 4 hours and gives you an overview of all traffic over time.


Here you will find all the settings that you can change for your user.


Here you will find contact details for TellusTalk support together with your customer number. If you enter your customer number together with your username when reporting an error, we can help you more quickly.


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