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Send Fax with your email

Here you get help with sending faxes directly from your email to one or more recipients in a few simple steps.

Send to one or a few

Type the recipient’s fax number in the To field followed by @efax.nu, you can add multiple recipients in the same way as in a regular email.
Write your message and click send and your recipients will have your fax message within a few minutes.

If you regularly send fax messages to the same address you can save it the same way as you do with an email address.

Send to many with Broadcast

If you are going to send the same fax to many recipients, we recommend that you use the Broadcast function.

Address the email to broadcast@efax.nu, write your message as usual and add the keyword DistriButionList (typed exactly like that) at the end of the message followed by the recipient’s number. One number per line.

If you put a semicolon (;) after the number, you can also add the recipient’s name. The name then appears in your logs in your online Toolbox, which makes it easier to follow up on them.

Watch a film of how to send digital fax via email