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Choose your favorite or combine to send SMS with API

Depending on your system specification and your needs, you have the following options to choose from. All the alternatives are available and included in your basic account. Full support for your integration project is of course also included.


As simple as a HTTP call with the destination and the message. A quick and easy way to boost your system with an integration. It is the most basic way to send SMS with API through TellusTalk


The REST api will give you a full sending and receiving functionality along with full access to logs, statistics, users and distribution lists. Use it all or just the parts you need.


Our first XML api is still available if you prefer. No further development is being made.

Staying ahead

This is why TellusTalk is the best choice for you

Support 24/7

24/7 English and Swedish speaking support. Call us on +46 8 509 126 10 or send an email to sales@tellustalk.com.
On our Wiki pages you will also find documentation and instructions if you prefer.

Delivery performance

Automatic routing and resending will ensure that your messages are delivered without any effort from you.


Our fast and scalable cloud platform allows us to promise uninterrupted and secure message deliveries even during the most extreme traffic loads. Automated buffering is used to accomodate operator interfaces.