Hem 9 Help center 9 Account administration

Hello Admin!

An account can have multiple administrators, both at an overall level and at sub-levels in the organizational tree. Depending on your authorization, you can add and remove users on the account, see anonymized logs in real time and statistics on the account for the part you administer. You can read more about permissions, and how to hand them out, here.

If you administer several accounts, you can switch between them at the top left of the menu.

If you want to send messages, you can switch to your personal Toolbox at the bottom left of the menu.

Customer admin left menu

– an organisation tree facilitates administration, the tree is the basis if Internal Billing is used.
– manage users, their settings, resources and placement in the organisational tree. Grant administrative access.
– provides an overview of account numbers, passwords, address books and public email addresses.
– real-time logs of the traffic on the account.
– aggregate statistics for the account. Total, per user and job/dispatch.
– statistics for incoming traffic
– download documents for internal billing here, in xls format.
– shows a list of Personal Data Processor Assistants
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