Welcome to Admin

Information about the interface

Here we have gathered all information about how you as a administrator can get started with our services. The account can have several administrators, both at an overall level and on sub-levels in the organizational chart.

As an administrator it’s possible to add and delete users on the account, you can also view all logs in real-time as well as all statistics of the account for the part that you administrate.

If you want to send messages you need to switch to your personal toolbox down to the left.
Organization – an organizational chart ease the administration, the chart lays as the foundation if internal billing is used.
User – manage users, their settings, resources and placement in the organizational chart. Assign administrative access.
Resources – gives an overview of the accounts numbers, code words,  adress books and public email addresses.
Logs – real-time logs of the accounts traffic.
Statistics – gathered statistics for the account. In total, per user and job/mailing.
Incoming – statistics for incoming trafic.
Internal billing – here you can download the data for internal billing, xls-format.
GDPR –  shows a list of current sub processors.
Press the arrow next to Support, that way you will get our contact information and your account number which we would appreciate if you stated when
contacting us.
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