What do the error codes mean and what do I do now?

To decipher error codes can be tricky. To be more specific; sometimes it is the same error code on two quite different errors, sometimes it is different error codes on the same error.

What to do in case of failed message delivery?

First, check if the number is correct, has a subscriber and is connected to the network.

Can you call the number, are the signals coming through?
– SMS: can you send an SMS with your regular mobile phone to the number?
– Fax: do you hear a fax tone when you call the number?
If Yes, let us know, as this is important information in the troubleshooting process.

When you get error messages like
Auto Blocked Recipient (TellusTalk has blocked the message)
Subscription missing

there is almost always something wrong with the number.

Contact us, via email or telephone.
If the number is valid, delivery of your message should be possible.
Sometimes there may be changes in local, country-specific, rules, especially concerning SMS, and it may be necessary to make some adjustments. Contact us as soon as possible, most operators only save their logs for a few days.

Automatic routing

To ensure delivery, automatic rerouting between different suppliers is provided.
If any supplier has problems, another is automatically selected.
Once the message is delivered to the network, we can no longer alter it.

If you want an early warning, you can set up your account so that you receive a “preliminary report”. This allows you to know if the first transmission attempt has failed, so that you can keep an extra eye on that particular message. Tell us and we’ll help.

Management of delivery reports

Operators report back to us in slightly different ways, some more clear than others. We automatically send this report back to our customers and then the customer must decide for himself which routines need to be set up for monitoring these.

We have no way of determining which messages are critical and properly addressed, and which have been sent out as mass mailings to hundreds of unknown numbers. This is the reason why we cannot report every failed delivery to the operators. Our customers are the only ones who have this information and that is why you need to monitor your delivery reports.

Validity period (SMS)

Mobile operators may sometimes retry for up to 72 hours before sending us a report. They call this “Validity Period”.

If you need the report sooner, the validity period can be shortened and the message terminated if it has not arrived at once. Let us know and we’ll fix it for all destinations that allow reduced validity.

Error messages and their importance

Duplicate message, the message has been blocked by TellusTalks loopcontrol. You have sent identical messages to the same recipient within 2 minutes (SMS) or 5 minutes (Fax).
Solution – do not send identical messages to the same recipient within 2 and 5 minutes respectively.

Auto Blocked Recipient, messages have continuously failed to this recipient in the past
Every time you send messages to a mobile operator, they charge full price, even if the message cannot be delivered. If a fax can´t be delivered, it may be because there is not a faxmachine at the receiving end, instead a person who is being disturbed unnecessarily.
This automatic blocking feature is a service provided by TellusTalk so that you don’t have to pay full price for non-deliverable messages and do not disturb. The block prevents the sending of new messages for an increasing time span each time a message fails.

These are the time criteria: 4 h, 8 h, 16, 32.. up to a maximum of 2 weeks, then the block is reset automatically.

Solution – Check the number, is it really an active number?
If it is active but still cannot receive SMS/MMS, the mobile may have lost registration with the operator’s network and the following action may solve the problem.

You need two mobile phones for this:

  1. Power off the first phone
  2. Remove the SIM-card
  3. Place the SIM-card in the second phone and start it
  4. Power off the second phone and remove the SIM card
  5. Place the SIM-card in the first phone again and start it. It should now have been re-registered in the network.

If this does not help, but the number is valid, please contact us!

More general error messages

These error messages are often temporary errors and errors that can be fixed with our help.
Always start by checking that the number is correct and active

Then contact us and we’ll sort it out.

Unknown number (the number is not active or cannot be found by the operator):

Unsuccessful delivery (error in the mobile according to the mobile operator):
txtHANDSET_MEMORY_FULL Solution – Contact the recipient, the inbox may be full.
Subscriber Error:submit_sm or submit_multi failed
Subscriber Error:1:
Subscriber Error

The mobile operator has attempted to retransmit and deliver the message until the maximum validity period has been reached:
Operator Expired

Unsuccessful delivery (possible technical error with the mobile operator):
txtSMSC_FAILURE (SMSC error in the network)
txtOTHER_ERROR (unspecificied error)

Failed delivery (fax)

Local hardware error – almost always means that there is no fax machine on the other end, can also mean that someone answered on the other end unexpectedly
Error in selection Number (II) – almost always means that there is no fax machine on the other end, can also mean that someone answered on the other end unexpectedly
Internal image conversion error – may be an error in the conversion of the document, please contact us
Document conversion failed – may be an error in the conversion of the document, please contact us

If there is a file called winmail.dat attached in the mail to us, it can cause problems. It is something that should only be used between Microsoft mail servers, if this file is also sent to our mail server, it is a setting that must be changed in the sending mail server.