E-signing is a relatively new tool within the professional workspace and the demand for e-signing services is high. Most people today are used to signing or log in with BankID to various private Internet services, but e-signing within the professional workspace is not as common. Everything becomes easier with e-signatures and goes faster.

If you are looking for an e-signing service, it is good to compare different suppliers before making a decision. Most suppliers offer a trial period and that is a good way to evaluate offerings and find your favourite.

But what else should you think about? We strongly recommend choosing a provider that produces eIDAS-approved signatures. eIDAS is an EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions within the EU. A simple way to explain it is that eIDAS helps make it safe for users to do business online instead of sending paper documents by post or fax.

Today, you can choose to e-sign in several ways, with a simple signature, advanced signature or a qualified signature. You decide how you want to sign your agreements or texts in TellusTalk’s services.

A simple signature, e.g. an image of a drawn signature, may not be denied because it is in a simpler form, but it is more difficult to prove who signed. If you send internally within your organisation, a simple signature may well suffice. If you sign agreements with a third party like a customer, using an Advanced level signature like BankID is a better alternative, in our opinion.

A qualified level signature is legally equivalent to a handwritten and witnessed signature and is valid throughout the EU. It requires a special kind of equipment to create this type of signature, and it is rarely used today. TellusTalk issues qualified certificates to Swedish organisations that from time to time submit tenders for procurement within the EU, for example.

When you have decided what type of signature you want on your document, you can use TellusTalk’s services to send the invitation to sign securely. Feel free to combine a login with BankID, for added document security. You can send documents to be e-signed or containing e-signatures on serveral channels; online, via email or API.

Another benefit you get using TellusTalk’s e-signing service is that you get access to our complete portfolio of services in the same subscription. If you want to know more, call or book a demo and we’ll show you how easy it is to send secure signing invitations!