And by that I mean as easy for the novice to send as it is for the technically savvy. As a valued customer, you have access to a user-friendly toolbox where you can make all your signature mailings. No installation is required and we’ll help you get started with your new project!

How to send e-signature?

Step 1. Enter recipients in the To field, it is fine to send to many recipients at the same time and it is fine to mix mobile numbers and email addresses.

Step 2. Turn on signing by clicking on the “pen” symbol.

Step 3. Write your message to the recipient, if you do not attach a PDF, the recipient will sign your message only.

Step 4. When you are satisfied with your message, click send.

What happens after the e-signature?

When the recipient has signed, the signed file is sent directly back to your email. The signed file is a PDF in the PADES format, it is completely self-contained and you should file it where you save important documents. You can print the file if you want a paper copy, but the signature proof is only in the electronic file, so you must save it.

You always have access to your signed files in the Toolbox, we save everything for 2 years and then your logs are automatically deleted.

Do you want to test electronic signing? Click here and get a free trial account for signing.

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