Electronic signing

is much easier than a handwritten signature

Safe signing

Secure identification with eID gives you valid agreements instantly.

Instant closures

Skip paper and pen, save time and get a safer transaction.

Integrate with API, use your email or our online toolbox

As easy as writing in the sand

With the firm backing of our state-of-the-art platform and signing services you will get all that you need!

Sign App

An easy to use and modern tool for handling agreements online.

Easy signing

The receiver can sign on any device.


Templates for your agreements and automatic reminders facilitates the signing process.


Save time and secure your workflow, enable electronic signing in your systems using API.

Give your customers the experience of a smooth e-signature solution!

We have helped both large and small companies to create better customer relationships and more secure contract processes for over 20 years.
We know what we’re doing!

Electronic signatures are rock solid

Choose between basic or advanced signatures, whichever suits your needs.


We will give you support 24/7 in both english and swedish.


Style the invitation with your company logo and email signature.

Signing methods

Choose between BankID, OTP, screenwriting or other eIDs.


Beside the signatories you can also invite approvers and viewers.

+ Documents

The documents can be signed together or separately or just attached as additional information.


Easily follow the status of your signature invitations.


Chat in real time with invited participants.


Are sent out automatically if the recipient has forgotten to sign.

Extra security?

Let the recipient identify with eID before they can read and sign.


Using API is an easy way to integrate electronic signing on your site. bygga in signering