Migration of API-users 2023

This is a collection of information about what the change of platform means to you as an API-user.

You can either migrate manually now, wait until we make the automatic migration of users or you can even choose to stay a little longer on the old platform to ensure a controlled migration.

Migrate now

We recommend that users with high volumes or critical messages makes the migration now to ensure a safe transfer.

Contact us to get help with preparing your API-user on the new, swedish, platform. Use the temporary URL: k8api.tellustalk.com. The URL api.tellustalk.com will be redirected after the automatic migration of users later.

Migrate automatically

Let us do the migration for you, you don´t have to do anything.

At the end of November we are planning to make a copy of all users, settings and passwords and transfer them to the new platform. The URL api.tellustalk.com will be redirected and all messages will then automatically end up on the new platform.

This is recommended for users with smaller volumes and no special settings in your API call.

Stay a little longer

If you require more time to complete the migration, you can change only the URL you are currently using to gapi.tellustalk.com and you will still be using the old platform after the automatic migration. Then you are free to migrate when you are ready.

From the 31:st of December 2023 we will no longer be able to make any changes to the old platform, but inte will not be completely shut down until later.

API documentation

Most of our API documentation will remain the same, but as more services and functionality has been added, it has had some changes.

Please note that our new service for e-signatures has its own, new, API documentation. API calls on the old format will automatically be converted into the new e-sign service. This means that some attributes for custom format on emails and web pages will cease to work but the basic functionality will be the same. To take advantage of all the benefits of the new service for electronic signatures we recommend that you consider to adjust your calls according to the new API.

Why a new swedish platform?

There are many reasons why we choose to build a new platform. But the main reason is to be more GDPR compliant.
You can read more about our new platform here!

News on the new platform

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Address book
Administrative access
New look on the entire Toolbox

We are continously updating our Help pages where you can read more about how to use the services, change settings and much more.