Digital signing

Digital signing is suitable when you have higher requirements for the identification of the signer.

Electronic signing is a broad term and can be anything from a click in an email to a signature at the highest security level.

A digital signature follows the strictest legal rules and can be given a higher legal value. A digital signature requires that the signature can be uniquely linked to the person who signed the document. This is achieved, for example, by signing with BankID or other equivalent electronic identity documents.

When you use our service Electronic signing and request that signing be done with BankID or eID, the result is a digital signature.

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eIDAS trust levels for electronic signatures

eIDAS defines three levels of electronic signatures, two of which qualify as digital.


Simple electronic signature (SES) has a low legal status and includes e.g. scanned handwritten signatures inserted into electronic documents or simple clicks of a button. In our service, Draw and OTP correspond to this level.


Advanced electronic signature (AdES) means that there is a unique identification of the person signing and it must be possible to ensure that the document has not been modified after signing. A signature at this level is also called a digital signature. In our service, this level is obtained by choosing signature with BankID or other eID.


Qualified electronic signature (QES) is also a digital signature and, according to eIDAS, must have the same legal effect throughout the EU as a handwritten signature. In order for a qualified electronic signature to be valid, an advanced electronic signature is required that has a qualified certificate and is created for a secure device for the signature production. We can help you obtain an ID card for qualified signatures.

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