Voice SMS

is SMS converted into a call



Your SMS will be read aloud when the recipient picks up the phone.


The recipients can reply to your questions using tone selection.

Integrate with API, use your email or our online toolbox

Give your messages wings

All telephones

You can send to mobile phones and landlines.

More languages

An impressive 18 languages spoken depending on your chosen call/message destination.


You can sleep through a small SMS signal, but this one rings until you answer!



With a regular text/SMS, so that the recipient can read your message repeatedly.

The phone rings, all the recipient has to do is answer!

Reach recipients who cannot receive regular text messages.

Voice SMS captures the recipient’s attention!

Voice SMS, a well sounding melody

You will always reach your recipients, wherever they may be.


We will give you support 24/7 in both english and swedish.

Send from the web

The online Toolbox works just as well on your computer as on the smartphone.

Address book

Collect your contacts for easy messaging using the Address book.

Secure login

Log in on the Toolbox with secure solutions like 2FA, eID or SAML2.


You pay a fixed monthly fee and traffic fees as you go. Choose between two types of subscriptions.

Delivery report

Choose type of report, "always", "success" or "failed".

Real time logs

Displays the status of all your messages, both SMS, MMS, Email and Fax.


Updated every 4 hours, gives you an overview of the transactions over time.