Link-SMS – like MMS, but better

With Link-SMS you will not have to deal with the limitations that MMS has regarding reach, size and type of attachment. MMS is not supported in all countries or on all phones, there is also a limit to the size of the attachment.

Link-SMS is just a normal text message that can be delivered to all mobile phones world wide. We will automatically add a short link in the message, where the recipient can read your entire message and see and download the images, videos and documents you attached.

It is easy to use Link-SMS. Just create a normal text message in our service and attach any images, videos and documents you want to send. We will automatically transform your message to a Link-SMS. Link-SMS is a good way to send a lot of information with one single text message.

When to use Link-SMS

  • Send you newsletters as text messages – a short description in the text urging the recipient to read more by clicking the link, where you can present your newsletter just as neatly like you would in an email. Text messages are opened and read in a much higher rate than emails are.
  • Send a lot of info in one short text – give a short recap in the text message along with the information that the full description is available on the link. You will only pay for the one text message and it´s also easier for the recipient to read on a web site.
  • Make it easier for the recipient to send replies to you. They can reply from the web view with both text and images that will not loose their resolution. Perfect for reclamations and insurance issues.

Replies to Link-SMS

In the web view there is a built-in reply functionality where the recipient can reply to you with a written message, but also take pictures to attach, record voice or video, attach files from the phone and also share their GPS position if they like. You will have their replies as an email or via API if you prefer.

Send online

Send using the web Toolbox that is always available, wherever you are. In the Toolbox you will find all you need to send all types of SMS.

Send with email

Use your email when sending Link-SMS. Works with any email client, both local and web based, no installation or plugin is required.

Send with API

Connect your systems and applications. TellusTalk supports different kinds of API, like REST, XML, JSON and HTTP.