for a thriving business


Integrate with API, use your email or our online toolbox

Like MMS

Send photos, videos and documents to mobile phones.

But even better!

Works worldwide, on all phones. Larger size and smaller price.

Let your services thrive

By sending significantly much more for a smaller price. Become more efficient and your work more enjoyable.

Your new link in the work chain

The service is as simple and stable as regular SMS

+ Attachments

You avoid limitations regarding the size and type of attachment.

Pay for one SMS

Send a lot of information, pay for just one SMS.

Global coverage

Unlike MMS, which is not supported in all countries.

Works with all mobile phones

MMS is not supported in all mobile phones (default setting).

Link business with pleasure


We will give you support 24/7 in both english and swedish.

Attach files

And we will automatically convert your message to a Link-SMS

One SMS is being sent

The recipient receives an SMS with a short message and an automatically generated link.

Unique webpage

Your formatted message and attachments are displayed on an automatically generated web page.


The link is unique for each recipient and gives you click statistics.

Secure replies

Advanced reply function where the recipient can attach images, files and indicate their GPS position in the reply

Always used

If you send secure messages or an invitation to e-signing via SMS.


You pay a fixed monthly fee and traffic fees as you go. Choose between two types of subscriptions.

Send from the web

The online Toolbox works just as well on your computer as on the smartphone.

Address book

Collect your contacts for easy messaging using the Address book.

Message originator

You can choose what originator should be on your message. Standard is reply-sms.

Delivery report

Choose type of report, "always", "success" or "failed".

Real time logs

Displays the status of all your messages, both SMS, MMS, Email and Fax.


Updated every 4 hours, gives you an overview of the transactions over time.