To only have one supplier for text messages, digital signing and faxes makes work life a lot easier. TellusTalk has been active on the market for digital communicating a long time so you can call us “The real deal”

At TellusTalk we have all the experience and knowledge it takes to build digital services that suites both small and big companies.

Our aim is that all businesses have the opportunity to work digitally to a affordable prices. We don´t do batches or prepayments. Our subscriptions have a fixed monthly rate + traffic charges. Your monthly rate depends on how many users you choose to have.

Today we offer a user friendly and at the same time a very tecnically advanced and reliable Swedish platform for digital communication A2P – Application to Person. It might sound complicated, but all our services are easy to learn and use.

If you are looking to send just a few documents for signing we recommend our free services at It is perfect for associations, private persons and small business who wants to send invitations for signing to one or more recievers.

The mission for us is to give you the best possible support on the journey to digitalise your company. Give us a call or book a demo and we will show you how easy it is for you to use all of our “good to have services”