Sending Bulk Email


Is your current Email not enough for sending bulk Email?

We offer unlimited capacity for bulk sending. Also a full set of features for scheduling, follow up and statistics. Great for keeping in contact with your customers!

Address book

Save your recipients in the address book on the web interface, categorize them for accurate and precise distribution of bulk messages.


Enhance you messages with personalization when you are sending the same message to many. Automatically include information such as the recipient’s name, time for appointment or other unique information.


Create your messages whenever you want, schedule them and we will make sure that they are delivered on time.


Opt in & Opt out

The recipients can manage opt in and opt out themselves, resulting in less administrative work for you.

Real time logs

The logs are in real time for all transaction types. They are available on the web interface or via API.

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E-sign with Email

Use Email to send agreements or information to be electronically signed. The recipient can open, read and sign with eID or OTP, you will have a copy instantly. Electronic signatures have high probative value.


Secure Email

Send sensitive information using Email, only your selected recipients can read it. Electronic login with eID or OTP.

Send Payment Request with Email

Directly to the recipent’s computer or phone! With a click they can pay with credit card, PayPal and more, you will have an instant notice when it is done.

Four great ways to access the services

Web gateway

The Toolbox is the easiest way to access the full functionality of the TellusTalk messaging platform. You can design and store your messages, bulk sendings and target groups on the web. Available everywhere, anytime.


Use your email when sending and receiving messages. Works instantly with any email client, both local and web. Delivery reports can be sent back to your email.


Perfect for your mobile or tablet, only the bare essentials to send and receive messages.


Connect your systems and applications. TellusTalk supports a wide range of API’s including REST, XML, JSON and HTTP. And….Yes, we will support your integration project. All the way.

Possibly the best collection of support and services there is…


24/7 support is always included. English and Swedish speaking.


Statistics for your messages are avaliable on the web interface or using API.



Our fast and scalable cloud platform allows us to promise uninterrupted and secure message deliveries even during the most extreme traffic loads. Automated buffering is used to accomodate operator interfaces.